Sparta Positions Calculator - Defense Ps

Defense Positions Attacking Method

Defensive Positions are the easiest to do since you can find out exactly what troops are in them, simply send 1 unit and you will get a full report.

  • In Defense Position Xerxes's duty is Offend the Town, Olive Grove, Vineyard, etc.
  • Choose one of the Defense Position from Oracle.
  • Send 1 Javelineer to the defense Position.
  • Get the Report and fill the below column.

Xerxes Offense units

Asvaran Dailamite Persian Archer ImmortalXerxes's Offense

Best unit for attacking Defense PS is  unit.

Defense PS Approximate Power Calculation:-

  • Enter your Defense Position(Ps) level and get Xerxes's Offense power in defense bgs.
LevelXerxes Offense power


Defense 1