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In this site contain Offense PS attacking method, Defense PS attacking method and PS reward calculation I given the detailed explanation and example also provided for PS attacking method. This site help you to increase your army and save many troops with proper way of attacking PS.


Picked by Leonidas and push into the middle of a progressing war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire, you have been tasked with driving your City-State. Your City will be your wellspring of riches and Resources, the heart of your Army and the essential issue of your regularly developing space. Your employment as Archon is to manufacture and summon your armed force, develop your City and shield it from the Persian risk. On your adventure you will need to test rival urban areas and battle to assert your place ever. Just through shrewd tact, Resource exchanging and the framing of Alliances with different Archons will you discover triumph in antiquated Greece – yet realize that the decisions you make will decide your odds of achievement

Drafting Agreements with different Cities will pay off by expanding your quality as an armed force and your capacity to face Xerxes. Consenting to arrangements with different Cities will permit you to prepare new sorts of Units, addition capacities, and even develop new structures. Every day, your Ephors will draft up one new Article of Agreement, which you can use to consent to Arrangements with different Cities. On the off chance that you esteem them pointless, you might Trade them with different Archons at the Ephorate. Redesign Agreements to expand the measurements of their particular Units and structures.


On the off chance that you wish to prove to be the best in the fight against Xerxes, you should figure out how to deal with the three principle Resources – Bronze, Grain and Timber. To build your Resource generation, you should develop Farms, Lumberyards and Forges. These will give the general population of your City – and the warriors in your armed force – with all that they have to survive and develop. Your Bronze and Timber stockpiles will be put away in Warehouses inside of your City, and the Grain you deliver will be put away in Granaries. The greater part of your Units will require a sure measure of Grain every hour in upkeep costs. Manufacture and Upgrade your Farms to expand the measure of Grain created every hour. Keep in mind, the aggregate sum of Grain that can be kept in your City is constrained by the limit of your Granaries, so remember to constantly Upgrade them to expand your capacity. An insightful Archon won't depend exclusively on the Resource creation of his own city and people groups, however rather utilize his armed force to recover the important assets. You will likewise need to ace the craft of Trade in the event that you wish to augment the productivity of your City – Trade your surplus Resources with Friends, Allies, or even adversaries to guarantee you generally have enough to manage your city.