Offense Positions Attacking Method

Offensive Positions work differently to defensive Positions, you can’t simply send in 1 unit and see what is defending; you have to send in a small force and then try and calculate it depending on what you kill.

  • In offense Position Xerxes's duty is Defend the Persian Outpost, Persian caravan, Persian stronghold ,etc
  • Choose one of the offense Position from Oracle.
  • Send 15 swordsman to the offense Position.
  • Get the Report and fill the below column.

Xerxes Defense units

Asvaran Dailamite Persian Immortal 
Xerxes's defense
Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry

Best unit for attacking Offense Ps is  unit.

Offense Ps Approximate Power Calculation:-

Enter your offense Position(Ps) level and get Xerxes defense power in offense Ps.

LevelXerxes Defense power


Offense 1